Friday, 22 April 2011

Nazi Fluoride & How illuminati Poison Pineal Gland Thru Music pt2

Frequency or Harmonics is a very important law of physics. The whole Universe vibrates as does every living thing.
We have all heard or used the expression good vibes, or bad vibes. Well folks, this is all well documented facts that are easily proven. I have learned about this through the Spiritual church, any healer no matter which mode they use is well aware of this fact. We are simply re-tuning the body back to its correct vibrational frequency.

It is funny but over the past 15 years I listen to mostly Meditation, or Classical Music. I never have loud music on. Even in Party mode it is just at a reasonable volume. That does not happen very often I must point out.
I do notice the difference in how I feel. I don't like loud, music especially modern music it does not resonate with me. For a person to feel Suicidal or Homicidal, there are obviously many other factors at work such as mental disorders. No two individuals are the same when it comes to the reason why they act that way. It comes down to disharmony within that individual. To quote Dr Loui Turi the Astrologer, "It all comes down to the persons UCI or Unique Personal Identity". We are programmed with possible dangers and health issues, among other things to be aware of in our lives. Having an Astrology chart done can bring these dangers to our attention. That being if the person believes in Astrology, and wants to circumvent any negative situations in life that could be fatal.
The unfortunate people that have gone on to either kill themselves or other people would perhaps not have done so if they had the knowledge of possible dangers in their lives that could be altered. That is if they are wise enough to listen to the warnings. So I don't agree entirely with this video. It is possible in a person that is pre-disposed to commit such an act due to their personality traits. But they do not have to enact them.

But getting back to the frequency subject with Fluoride and the Pineal gland. This is defiantly true. The Pineal gland is extremely important for our psychic and cognitive abilities. If this is damaged we cannot use our psychic abilities. It cuts us off from the spirit world quick smart  and so does all the diet drinks and foods with aspartame. Now the people behind all this push are fully aware of this and have been so since the discovery of Fluoride. These people are highly intelligent,  but sick people that want to keep Humanity away from our true spiritual selves and taking our rightful place in the World, The  Universe  and with God or the Cosmic forces. This has also been predicted for Thousands of years and these evil doer are fully aware of these facts.

I have been at many deep spiritual meditations, when higher beings have come through and have heard from them  about the great awakening of Humanity and how the Dark forces here on earth are trying to stop it happening. They will not and cannot succeed. There is no other alternative. Every single Psychic and every single Astrologer  can confirm what is about to take place. But what they can not tell you is the exact time and date of when this will come. The reason being that this is up to the Higher beings of light, God if you like to determine and no one else.

Spirit vibrates at a different frequency too, The higher your vibrations are then the higher the levels of astral and spirit you have access to, That also means not eating animal flesh at certain levels too.
I myself do not eat meat for this reason. Evil cannot transcend to the extremely high levels. I do not know how far they can reach as I do not want to be communicating with them.

Do find out as much as you can about the negative effects of fluoride on your body and animals bodies too. Read up on the Russians and the Nazis using Fluoride on POW's. There is a heap of evidence on the subject. There is also talk of Alzheimer's  link to Fluoride too . So do your home work people. We have the right to know what we are eating , drinking and breathing.