Sunday, 24 February 2019

Video 125: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES || Introduction to the Big Picture

Notice he says these beings are not spiritual, but humans are. That is because we started off as ethereal beings and then were put into the physical vessels. Thus dropping our vibrational frequency down and cutting us off from help in the real spiritual multiverse.

Now to keep us trapped in this world they must trap us using our own fears against us stopping us reaching our true spiritual potential because that will shatter the control matrix. Trauma, fear, worry violence and debasement are part of the low frequency to enslave the minds and hearts of humanity.

Gold however expands our consciousness and intelligence. Colloidal gold is actually sold in health food shops and is needed  to expand our minds, I do not know what the recommended dose is though
to be of real benefit. But should one stop taking the stuff then one will revert back to what they were.
It can be used by people suffering with dementia along with other important amino acids and minerals. It is also said that gold and prevent aging, hence these beings using it because they will age rapidly in our world. They do not have the ability to survive physically here unless is is a lower frequency.

Our chakras are part of the control system that anchor us in to this reality. When our energy is being harvested by these beings, they usually take it from the lower chakras, the base, sacral and solar chakras. Our Spiritual energy, the kundalini sits coiled like a snake in the base chakra.
The colours of the Base, Sacral and Solar chakras are as follows dark red, orange and yellow.

Our base instincts also are connected to these chakras, anger, jealousy, sex, violence. So these are not spiritually enhancing energies like the heart or crown chakra.

It seems like this world is now set in a downward spiral into the second dimension according to many researchers of note. But do keep in mind though when we focus on that we are drawing that to ourselves. So please do not focus on it.

It is to the benefit of these evil ones that we focus on the dark energies, so please make a conscious effort to lift your thoughts to positive ones, such as loving your family. These beings cannot penetrate the loving energy. Nor the truth, but the will try so hard to disrupt our energy with gloom and doom.

Using fear, financial stress, terrorism threats, bringing in draconian laws and undermining a countries society and destabilise it, such as we are seeing right now throughout the western world. It is done with a very slow trickle effect so that the masses do not notice. Many people are starting to notice now and especially in Europe and are pushing back.

We are living in interesting times and who honestly knows what is coming next, because nothing is set in stone. There has been so much fear spread about 3 G, then 4 G and now 5 G technology.
Where I live that 5 G technology has been in use since November 2018. So far I have not heard anything about it affecting people locally yet, but the US have had people being badly affected and in parts of England.

This 5 G is supposed to affect our bodies and our minds according to some researchers. I have no doubt what so ever about WI-FI damage to all living beings and the rapid rise in cancer, brain tumors and auto immune problems. As for it affecting our minds we have to do more research.

Also there is so much talk about nano particles that is supposedly in our bodies already which have either been ingested or via the food chain and medications.I honestly do not have the answers but something is going on that is prompting all these things being all over the internet. Time will tell.

My best and humblest advice is take care of your family to the best of your ability, try and live peacefully and do not allow your civil liberties to be manipulated, violated or taken away from you.
 Keep working on the positives and do practice meditation connecting within yourself to your higher self, which is a knowing feeling.  It is downright unhelpful and stupid to ignore things that are wrong. That will not help anyone and the more that do nothing the faster evil spreads.

You have to ask yourself is this worth the risk to your family and your self?