Sunday, 24 February 2019

Redheads in advertising

Ranga's ( Aussie slang for an Orangutan or a red haired person), blood nuts, ginger heads, ginger snaps or gingie, we all know or have these colourful loving characters  in our families. Always there
in our lives to enhance our existence.

I have noticed there is a massive amount of red heads in advertising over the past 12 months or so. Advertising often employs subtle symbology and hidden or occult  esoteric meanings. You will also notice symbolic colours are also employed in the advertising such as purple which is the current trend including ( now they are switching back to blue) government departments world wide.

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So having that thought I have delved into redheads in history, the arts and mythology. Starting with ancient humans, we know that Neanderthals had red hair as did the Titans or the Nephilim and also Celtic people and royalty, think Boadicea and Mary queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and of course the current prince Harry.

The Titans were giants with red hair and  supposedly a double row of teeth and six digits on each hand and foot..they were also supposedly cannibals. Native Americans have recorded this in their history as have South American tribes. These Titans were to be feared not just by their height and looks but for eating human flesh.

It has been said that the Titans or Nephilim are the offspring of the Gods with human females and these gods were also giants. The women were unable to give birth normally so they would have had to have a Cesarean or they would die.

We know that many races of humans had red hair but according to Ignatius Donnelly in his book Atlantis: the antediluvian world, red heads originated in Atlantis which is real the home of humanity not Africa, Atlantis was a multi cultural continent too.

From Atlantis they spread out to the Americas, Ireland, Britain, Northern Europe and even some parts of the Middle East, Greece and Turkey .

Red heads have always had a reputation through the centuries also, from being fiery tempered to dishonest. They usually have gray blue, blue or green eyes and very fair skin which is sometimes quite freckled and photosensitive. Aristotle was quoted as saying, red heads are of bad character, they are stubborn and have bad tempers.

In mythology, poetry and the arts redheads are often depicted in a godlike manner. Especially the Works of Pre-Raphaelite art work. Such as Waterhouse, Hughes, Millais etc. I actually like the pre-Raphaelite art there is a romanticism with it.

It is quite an interesting subject when you look at it from an art and mythology perspective. The answers to the use of red heads in advertising at present though could have an other meaning. I have mentioned in an other blog post the colours used and symbolism used in advertising is usually esoterically based and it is a coded message to those in the know, and a bit of a nose thumbing to the rest of us.

With the vast amount of red heads in averts that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis, you will notice many of them are to do with money, Insurance, banking,
including health insurance.

You will also see the actors doing various forms of the "As above, so is below" sign with their hands. Which can be in similar form to these  images here.

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Most powerful bankers are indeed Freemasons and they are fond of symbols.
The symbol used most often is the one above with the man in a suit. It is all over banking, insurance and health funds world wide. This image came from South Korea. Yes there have Freemasons over there too. The Freemasons are in every country in the world with many different lodges., not all are associated with the Scottish rites.

I feel this red hair symbology is referring back to our Atlantian ancestors and those that brought forth their esoteric schools. Letting the world know that they are in charge.

One thing that most people don't know is the tri-coloured flags that are red,white and blue stand for red hair, blue eyes and white skin. Yet an other hidden message to those in the know. Red heads need more anesthesia, this is something rather interesting  to read, not to forget that many red haired people are O Rh negative blood, the royal blood, and that is not just the earth based royal bloodlines, it is indeed the blood of the Annunaki and any researcher worth their salt is very well aware of this. This is the missing link.

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