Thursday, 28 February 2019

Justify your adultery to yourself

Please do not ask me to participate in aiding and abetting adultery.
I will not read for any one that expects me to give them the green light for this.

We all are given free will to live out our incarnation. The choices that you make are yours and yours alone. I feel it is morally wrong for a person to put their selfish ego based choice on to an other person and then keep asking them to say  it's OK.

What about the rights of others that have nothing to do with this?  It is downright selfish, not to mention it can be very dangerous to the person reading for you. What if your spouse takes it out on the reader. The client can tell their spouse anything and then that spouse takes it out on the reader and possibly their family.

We have private lives and do not wish to intrude into other peoples lives and the possibility of being put in danger. YES, I have been put in that situation.

I have been through almost the full gamut of human experiences including terrifying ones, that most people have never done. It has taken its toll on me and my family. The selfish adulterer does not care about this of course. No it is all about them and nothing else matters, as long as the reader tells them what they want to hear. Male or female it makes no difference, it is all about them and what they want.

What about the innocent  children involved, not just your children but the other person's children and spouse? Is it fair on them to have their lives destroyed? I hardly think so.  The serious damage done has a ripple effect beyond your comprehension. But that is of no interest to a selfish person.

I honestly cannot stand living a lie, it makes me ill and affects me on a spiritual level. I do not want to have any input into other peoples life choices. I am not here to tell you how to live your lives that is not my function, but neither is being used for immoral purposes of any sort.

It is best to talk to your spouse and explain how you feel and perhaps separation might be the right choice. People do not like to be cheated or find out by other means. Be honest and up front if your feelings have changed. There is no crime in honest feelings, but a fling that is a different matter altogether. Yes is happens to many people since the dawn of time. But accountability for ones actions is a must. No one is saying it is easy, however the individual must use logic and take responsibility.

I am  most certainly not a marriage councilor or psychologist. That is not my function. I do not have the time nor the inclination to be at your beck and call every day, several times a day to see if the situation you find yourself in will change.

To expect others to assist you is wicked and very selfish. You cannot assume  others will be in favour of your choice. To be drawn in to your choices which again I must point out can have very dangerous outcomes.

What you ask, is the violation of the free will of other people. Their moral conscious, and what they hold sacred. Should however you get what you want, what about those that you used? Do you compensate them for their time and energy and the risks they take to please you?

Do you care and will you admit to others that it is all your fault if something happened to those people that  assisted or supported your choices? NO! You wouldn't because you are selfish and will quietly move on. You will let others even your own children suffer because of your ego.

Go through life as peacefully as you can and please be mindful of the choices that you make and the repercussions they cause. Other people are not on this earth to fix your problems or learn the lessons that were for you.