Thursday, 21 February 2019

Wes Penre: Video 123: Q&A Session #20

I thought that I had already shared this on this blog. I put it on my WordPress one, hmmm

Take a look at what Wes says around the 9 minute mark. I have known this for years. In some spiritual practices in Asia they practice suppressing the energy. They have known about the energy going into astral for thousands of years.

Tune in at 13 minute also about the energy harvesting. Yes it is real.

I am trying to find the video where he mentions energy harvesting during spiritual healing. It made me sit up and notice, because I am a spiritual healer. I have not done healing for a while though as I do not have the physical health any more due to serious injuries from a car accident, and I cannot hold my arms up for longer than a few minute due to the pain and a tremor that happens if I do too much.

Anyway Wes made a comment about spiritual healing can cause rapid aging and health problems for the healer. I had wondered that a year ago funny enough, but had no proof. So as soon as I find the part I will update this post.


Found it it is on Video 120 #19 Q and A

Right at 6.28