Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Video 120: Q&A Session #19

Ah would you look at that, lol. last WP post would not link so I had to do it by putting up a crappy link.

Anyhoo, this is an interesting post Wes has, and notice he also is saying "stay right away from channeling", just like I have been saying. Also when it comes to new age or spiritual stuff like automatic writing, trance mediumship, chanting, please do not do it, yes it will open up portals and you will feel a light out of body feeling. This is your energy being taken.

I used to listen to a CD of chanting and I could feel myself coming out of my body. That is a really bad thing. So please do not do it. All of these meditations ( even worse is the joint meditation groups), mantras, chants, mandalas for meditation, etc are part of the matrix control. They are not there for your benefit at all. During the chanting, your crown chakra is wide open and will be  used to take your energy, and in some cases put an entity in to you. That entity can be ever so subtle that you will not even know it is there. But others will notice a change in your behavior and tell you that you are not your usual self or notice other changes in your beliefs or thoughts that are not really your own etc.

Notice the part about healing at 6.28. The same goes with Spiritual healing. I no longer do this for health reasons I cannot hold my arms up for longer than a few minutes because of the pain and tremor.  I just have to have healing removed from my website.

There are too many spiritually uninformed people that are out there spreading this dangerous stuff and teaching it. These individuals have no real idea what they are dealing with, but what frightens me most is they do not want to know the truth.They want to be in control and want you to flow their rules.  That is giving away your power! Do not get involved please. You only need to listen to your higher self and nothing else.  Your wisdom is within (your higher self) you.

Just this week I broke off a long friendship with an astrologer friend because he is exhibiting the behaviour that I am talking about in this post. Now he is one of the best in his field whom I have much respect for. But his personality has changed and he is acting in a way that makes me very uncomfortable.

Nothing on this earth (fake reality) is spiritually pure or clean. So please think about this and when in doubt leave it alone. Instead of reading so called spiritual books why not read our ancient history especially what Plato and others have to say about humanity in antediluvian times. I actually am rereading Atlantis ; the antediluvian world by Ignatius Donnolly at present and I keep finding more and more info in the book every time I read it. I actually think he has a lot more to say about the Celts and the Atlantians than Anna Wilkes, I feel she stopped her research to soon or she would have found the origin is Atlantis and not Ireland.