Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Card Of The Month: May, The Lovers

This months card is the lovers, card number 6 in the major arcana. The Lovers card represents the zodiac sign Gemini, the planet Mercury (communication) and the element air.
At the top of the card is the Archangel Raphael the healing angel, notice the flames for hair.
The sun sits above him shining radiantly over all on the card.

In the forefront are a naked man and woman representing Adam and Eve. Behind Eve is the tree of knowledge with the serpent spiraling up the tree trunk, like the  rising up the spine. Behind Adam is the flaming bush/ tree of life with 12 flames to represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. The three figures are in a triangle formation as in the triune mind, the trinity and the three levels of consciousness,  and also making the cardinal sign of air, (think spirit).

Getting back to the tree of knowledge, this is information that was withheld from humanity to keep them in spiritual ignorance (asleep).  Once awake the soul cannot and will not go back to sleep. It seeks illumination and that is our purpose here on earth to awaken. Not to be distracted by the mundane. One must make the effort to awaken and seek illumination. 

One really needs to do proper metaphysical research when looking at esoteric matters to fully understand the messages conveyed in the Tarot and other metaphysical areas.The serpent does not just represent Lucifer or Satan, the demiurge, but also human DNA, healing, wisdom and the house of the Dragon or Draco. The opposite of which is the house of Ram. This is where a basic understanding of sidereal astrology is very helpful.


The  demiurge wants to keep the soul or spirit enslaved in materialism and matter, (mass and mater).
In other words keeping the soul trapped in a physical vessel in the third dimension or physical world.

To stay permanently asleep, spiritually unaware of his/her  true spiritual origins as a free multidimensional being and godlike. As for tasting the forbidden fruit, Eve was aware of her spirituality and how to co-create, she was trying to awaken Adam. In the card the man and woman representing Adam and Eve are represented naked, as innocent souls without sin. Women have a stronger spiritual and psychic abilities than men.  The pathway to the unconscious is via the female energy. This is why the priestess's were brutality murdered thousands of years ago to suppress the divine feminine and create a patriarchal society that we have today. 

You will notice the number 6 at the top of the card, that represents the divine feminine energy. 

On the whole this card is a nice card with positive energies in the upright position. For the month of May it tells me it is a positive month for many individuals and promises good news and hopes and dreams coming true on the romance front and also the work place.

This card is about compassion and healing too so let nature take its course and allow pain to heal. That does not mean giving your personal power away or that results in negativity and an energy imbalance. Energies must always be kept in balance, that is conducive to a happy life. 

The lovers is one of those cards that is always nice to draw in a reading, it is reassuring compassionate  and life affirming. So I do feel this is a much needed card for the month of May
after a lot of heartache that has affected us by way of the media and other factors in the individuals personal life. We must strive not to take on negativity especially if it is not of our doing.

Copyright Alex Fulford 1 May 2018