Friday, 25 May 2018

Alvin Boyd Khun Books

First here is a blurb on who he is. When learning about metaphysics, spirituality etc, you do have to do a lot of reading, learning and unlearning. For me it has also been trusting and then distrusting as I have gone along my path of learning.

The first thing that I tell people is do not just blindly accept what you are told, because most people learn this stuff parrot fashion, very lazy and can be very dangerous, leading you down blind alleys.
In short you are going no where. You are not really awakening, you are being manipulated into a different paradigm that's all.

Knowing the difference takes time, you must make the effort to take the time and be discerning.
My main rule of thumb is tell the truth and shame the devil. I take nothing at face value after going down some blind alleys over the years under tuition from various places only to leave very much disappointed.

I am trying to bring information to peoples attention and saying , have a look at this, but do not form a firm or fixed opinion. You need to remain impartial and free to keep your mind sharp ready for the day you leave this world.Your real mission here on earth in the third dimension is to awaken, be empowered and escape the matrix.

Now Alvin Boyd Khun has been a must read author of spiritual material. I ask you to read as much as you can on his works and not hold a firm opinion. Just use the information  presented. Then compare Wes Penre's notes, Gerald Massey, other esoteric authors, and again keep an open and free mind.

There are free PDF books by Alvin Boyd Khun in the internet that you can download for free.
Michael Tsarion also has a list of books by this author that are highly recommended reading.
I expect many of my readers are aware of them already.

Now with any of these authors and their books, you need to read each one several times to take it all on board. Even I have moments where I forget things that I have learned and have to go back to the start gain, lol the joys of getting older.

NOTE: These are taken from Wikipedia, but as I said Google his books there are more that what is mentioned on Wikipedia.  Happy reading peeps.