Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Rosicrucian Menefesto 1615 , exctract

From the Rosicrucian Manifestos, 1615.

The Works of William Shakespeare were written by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon and a group of men he assembled called the Knights of the Helmet. 'Shakespeare is part Revelation of the Method – tales of conspiracy and occult secret societies - part culture creation and part indoctrination.The Greek Gods Apollo and Athena were 'spear shakers'. William is WILL - I AM. Je Suis (Jesuits) is French for I AM. I AM is the Gnostic/Luciferian doctrine, that God is evil and Satan is good. I AM - GOD! Shakespeare was an actor whose works were published in the early to mid 1600’s after his death. He was a commoner but wrote like a Royal! 'Shakespeare's' contains many teachings and codes. Shakespeare's plays were designed to be the cultural basis of the people that would inhabit Francis Bacon's 'New Atlantis' - a high tech Utopia that would bring "enlightenment" to the world.

NOTE: Some writers say Francis Bacon was the son of Elizabeth I and he was well schooled in the occult by John Dee.