Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A Flurry Of Animal Spirits

Last week was interesting, I had a lady come to me for a reading and on opening the door to let her into my house, I was greeted by a horse and a flurry of other animals. Mostly domestic ones that had passed on and a few wild ones.

It is always a wonderful experience when this happens. As I explained what I was seeing, the lady was able to tell me who each of them was. The love from these lovely fur babies, big and small was amazing. Such loving gentle energy, I often wonder why many humans in spirit don't have this lovely energy about them. Perhaps it is because of the pressures in lifethat each individual human that affects their energy.

I just love seeing animals come through. But I think this case was a record for the most animals/fur babies in my house at one time and not one spot of poo on the floor, lol.