Thursday, 1 March 2018

Canberra Street Cats Alliance Need Your Help

Urgent donations are needed for little Amani.If you can assist, please do so. Every little bit helps.She has had surgery and is recovering. At present she is being fed  by a tube due to her having a broken jaw. I have just made a donation for this sweet little girl. The phone number to ring is 02 6242 7276  She is under the name Amani or Armani (St Clair) at the vet in Gungahlin.

Below is a cut and paste from th FB page of the CSCA.

Also on the mend is beautiful Amari. Amari only just came into care with other family members so hasn't been introduced yet to our page.
Amari proved her houdini skills are top notch when she escaped quarantine and took herself on an adventure. The adventure came to an abrupt halt when she was run over in the carpark.
She was rushed to emergency in critical condition a few days ago where she underwent emergency surgery and stabilisation. Our little miracle is now under 24 hour watch at Gungahlin and CVES clinics but is doing remarkably well. She has internal injuries which are expected to heal and also fractured legs and a fractured jaw. Her prognosis is good however due to the treatment she is receiving and she is expected to make a full recovery with time.
The vets have been incredibly supportive as they know we have limited funds and they are trying to keep costs as low as possible. We've paid 3,000 so far but there is still some left to pay.
If you would like to contribute towards her vet bills Gungahlin vet is happy for our supporters to contact them directly and mention it is for "Amari".


Beautiful Amani is resting and gaining strength. Thank you to everyone that has been donating towards her vet fees. We really appreciate it 💓