Friday, 9 March 2018

I Disagree With Youth Doing Military Service

Why are people so quick to share this sort of rubbish on line? Not everyone is mentally  or emotionally equipped to do military service. Not just that, it should be a free will choice that the individual must make. Australia banned conscription a long time ago. We do not want it back or a modern version of it.

No one has the right to make you do something that is against your free will.  I would like to see Australian youth be taught skills and trades. Not being put into the position of being just a number and taking orders. In the military you are not there to think outside the box. You are there to obey and be compliant.

Let me tell you, much as I respect our men and women in uniform, there are many ratbags that bully others in the military. Do you want an innocent young person stuck there with no way to escape the bullying?  Don't think this is the answer to the plight of our youth. The government has let our youth down for decades.

Do you want to kill off the youth of today, given they have a high suicide rate and many pressures on them already? Teach them how to survive in this world, not give them a gun to fight illegal wars for the 1% that rule this planet.

Give them education and a moral and spiritual compass by which to live and guide future generations.

If you want to stop crime then toughen the laws and the penalties. Remember the biggest criminals are the ones that wear suits and work for governments or corporations.

Seeing people sharing this shows me just how spiritually un-evolved many people are. It says you are deeply lacking a fundamental part of humility and devoid of spiritual essence. How a parent especially can endorse this is beyond me.

Remember the women that handed out white feathers to young men back in WW1? This is the same ignorant mindset. If you people that share this garbage want to join up do it but,do not tell others to do so.

Lest they end up in the middle east or some other place with a toe tag on, be it on your head. Rather you than them!!