Friday, 23 March 2018

Telecom Telstra Employee Phone Tower Tank Protest !

You would have to be living under a rock not to know this stuff. Do not expect the government to admit the truth, it is not in their best interest financially to admit this. I won't say morally, they don't have morals.

It is what it is, you will find many good videos from credible people all over YouTube and  internet websites. I am not going to bang on about this, I have been very aware of the dangers of Wi-Fi and electronic pollution for many years. I am also pretty sure my fibromyalgia is related to this too. No one had even heard of fibromyalgia  before Wi- Fi technology existed.

It is up to the general public to do their own research and do something about this. Children do not have a voice in this matter because they do not have the right to vote. But adults do!

Below video  is  happening in Sheffield, England at present, this is about the G 5 technology.
G 5 technology will not work properly due to tree leaves blocking the frequency.

Things like this are not usually being put on the news world wide for a reason, and if they are on the news there is a slant in favor of the government and big corporations.

I do feel sorry for the police, that no doubt have no idea of the dangers posed with modern wireless technology and other issues that they have to deal with that violate human rights etc.

I am not taking sides here, just bringing this to peoples attention. I personally would never take part in protests, especially due to possible dangers. Petitions and taking the issues to court with barristers to defend the rights of the general public I feel is a better option.

Rent a crowd/ thug tactics put me off immediately in any protest.

There are a few parts to this video.