Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Phone Readings With Alex Are To Be Paid In Full

Hi Everyone😀

I am as from today asking phone readings to be paid up front in full.
Some people seem to be under the impression that a 30 min Tarot reading is only $36.

That is incorrect and rather embarrassing to me. I am a bona fide 5 star rating Clairvoyant-Medium.
No way on earth would you get a reader of any standing charging $36 for a 30 minute reading.

My readings are $75 for 30 mins or $130 for an hour to be paid up front. I have thankfully only had two ladies fail to pay the balance in close to 20 years. I have kept note of names and phone numbers of these clients as to not read for them again.

Most clients are wonderful and we connect wonderfully, whether in the US, UK, Europe or in Australia. Energy is the most important key in a reading. So distance makes no difference at all.
Energy does however need to be balanced as in emotions, which is really energy in motion.

So relax, and enjoy the seesaw ride Simples! Happy Happy Joy Joy!