Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wes Penre Facebook Closed


Just a quick heads up Wes Penre has made a decision to close off his personal Facebook page last night. The fan group is still open at this stage as is the forum.

This has been for personal reasons only. He needs a break after all the heavy research he has been doing, and of course he has his day time job. The Wes Penre papers as we know are now complete as his fans already know, so that is all he has to say on this subject.

I am not sure if the WPP website will stay up. That I will find out later from Wes. I am sure they will stay, however one file has been removed by someone without Wes knowing. Someone on Wes's personal Fb page commented on that last night.

For the record I took my self off the fan page as I was not comfortable with the way it is going, the direction change was not  Wes's doing.

However the forum has excellent information posted by many people that are quite up to speed on the current situation of  metaphysics and world events as the two are linked. The closed section of the forum, I don't know if Wes is accepting new members in to that yet. If I hear anything I will post a comment on her and my facebook page.

Keep smiling and laughing my possums 😃

Love Alex

UPDATE:  Just  found out Wes has shut down his forum now too.  So while the website is there it is a good idea to print off the WPP or they too might be gone. Just keep an eye on them.

There are other writers such as Anton Parks, Cameron Day John Lash etc. So please google for yourselves. Don't forget Conor Macdari, Gerald Massey and Ignatius Donnelly  books are a good source of information.

UPDATE: Wes is back on Facebook from October 2018