Saturday, 12 August 2017

Working on my 2018 Predictions For Australia

As I am working on the 2018 predictions, I picked up on a dark haired young man in the  Australian Liberal party. I felt a dark haired young man with a warm deep voice, suddenly rising up through the ranks. He came across as a very bright  but brash young man, but wow, you watch him go.

As I grasped this energy, it hit me this is Zed Sesejla.
Zed started out in local politics in Queanbeyan NSW, as a Liberal party member of parliament for New South Wales. He then moved into federal politics. He is currently a Senator in the Federal government.

I feel this man will one day become Prime Minister of Australia. The time is not right yet, but mark my words, he will be prime minister one day. I also feel that he has been told this by an other psychic a few years ago.  I feel the strong energy of Malcolm Fraser around this young man. At present I am literally buzzing with psychic energy as I look at Zed Sesejla's photo.

This young man has no idea of what the future has in store for him. All I can say is OMG Zed you will take giant strides.

Good luck Zed.

Copyright Alex Fulford 12 August 2017