Friday, 4 August 2017

How Are We Not Talking About This?

Firstly it is why, not how.

By the time this is being spoken about in the media trust me its a done deal. People have willingly dropped the ball on this and a hell of a lot more to boot. The powers that be are very subtle in their approach to a cashless society. Slick advertising aimed at younger people and technology combined making things irresistible to the younger members of society. Smart phones, games and household items with the latest smart technology incorporated in to the fridge, TV etc.

Think of how much the powers that be know about you already, and through smart technology they know even more, right down to how people think. With this in mind, there is no way people can hide money under the mattress for a rainy day. They want to control what you have and also take what they want, when they want. Lets not forget there is no money real in a cashless society its all pretend.

If you thought paper money was funny money, this is the ultimate in funny money. You wont ever be able to feel it or touch it. Those that think having a card with their life savings on it is the way to go are fooling themselves and have obviously not thought this through.

But like I said it is a done deal by the time the main stream media are talking about it and hailing it as the next best thing to sliced bread.  

How Are We Not Talking About This?