Saturday, 16 March 2013

Psychic Attack On Me

At present there are strange forces about in the astral. In the small hour this morning I had a very personal reminder of this. I had woken up around 3.30am, I have been doing this a lot of late like so many others are doing. I suddenly became aware of bad energy in the room. Our puppy Ruby also woke up and started acting strange. Within seconds I felt a punch on the right side of my face. It was quite a sharp pain.
Then it happened again. I was lying on my left side at this time facing the bedroom door.
This came as a hell of a shock, as one just does not experience things like this from an invisible force,
whilst lying in bed or at any other time I might add.

I could feel this entity and it/he was very strong. I called for Archangel Michael to help me, and I started to Gold light myself. That took some doing as I was so tired and not up to it. This being was trying to stop me from protecting myself. It seems to be perhaps five or ten minutes until I got rid of what ever this thing was.

I eventually got back off to sleep , but I shall make sure tonight that I use psychic protection. I  must point out to all psychic people reading this post, it is very important to white or gold light yourself every day ,at present as there are very bad energies around. If you can also do this again at bed time and white light or gold light your house too.

Instructions on how to do this are in the October 2010 archives in this blog.