Friday, 22 March 2013

Roibeard McElroy books

It is a great pleasure to introduce the Irish Bard himself. Mr Roibeard McElvoy. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend, and am, I must say most pleased to be acquainted with this great Bard. I bought his book entitled, The Prism of Rennes, and what a great read it is.

I have never been into poetry much, but I do read the odd bit. This man combines poetry with narration and pictures. I have really enjoyed his book and feel that I am walking with him on his journey. I look forward to his next work and will let my readers know as soon as he has it published. in the mean time, for all you lovers of all things Celtic, poetic, historical and mystical please do buy his book.

The Prism of Rennes through Amazon books. It also comes in Kindle format too.

As you know I am a deep lover of all things Celtic. So do yourselves a favour and get into Roibeard's books. You can follow him on Facebook too.