Monday, 7 October 2019

Video 184: Should we Open, Close, or Remove our Chakras?

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments too. In a nut shell we cannot remove our chakras. They are part of us to anchor us into this 3D reality and they dissolve when we are back in spirit.

People need to have firm boundaries in their everyday life and on their spiritual side too. Stay grounded and be realistic in your intentions and what you want out of life. When in doubt go within to ask yourself and again keep it real.

I noticed a person mentioning Tulpas in the comments section. I am not in favour of these things because they can get out of control and become very harmful. Please do not try this; as there are many soulless beings in astral that can turn nasty and I feel Tulpas can fall into this category if left to their own devices. I feel this is highly irresponsible and very dangerous.

There is no way of knowing how many created thought forms are hanging around in astral but these beings can and do become more powerful when left to just roam  the astral planes. I do not feel they can be reasoned with either if the person that created a Tulpa just lets it be or is not able to recall it and dissolve it.

As you can see from the Wikipedia link thes danger posed . Dion Fortune also had a bad experience doing this too. It is something that is to be avoided, for your own welfare and that of others. Think of the possible mental health issues that can come from this.

Much of what the Theosophists in the late Victorian and early 20th century believed in and took part in his highly dangerous, and some did come to a sticky end.

Today there is too much unhealthy interest in magic and creating Tulpas etc. It is a dangerous path and it will lead to harm. Leave well alone please.