Friday, 18 October 2019

Explosive 7.30 investigation exposes brutal slaughter of thousands of healthy racehorses

OK, The Melbourne cup is coming up and the dummies of this world just can't get enough of it and all the other horse races into the bargain, justify this to me then! Take a good look at the article and then do you think you are a decent human being? I don't fucking think so!

You are aiding and abetting this evil, feel good about yourselves now do you?

It is not just the horse owners, it is not just the jockeys and all those that are invested in the industry. It is also you the punter,  you have blood on your hands too.  How can anyone that loves horses or animals have anything to do with the industry let alone participate by going to the races ?

There is no need for this. Muppets bang on about fake bloody climate change and the BS Extinction rebellion which are communist bloody stunts that the thick as poop masses can not be arsed investigating, but will happily invest their money on horses only for them to end up like this.

That speaks volumes about many of the human race today. Dumbed down , dumb as dog shit masses following the pied piper. Shame on all of you. While I am at it where the fuck are those commy bastards PETA? Oh yeah following the indoctrination from their masters and handlers. They only rant and rave at what they are told to ....WHY, because they are all part of the commy agenda  and only follow orders like the knuckle draggers they truly are.

We are supposed to be a civilized society, really then take a look around you and tell me what the hell is civilized! Mind controlled dummies with their heads in their phones with no guts to demand an end to this. This is something that has gone on for years, don't say you didn't bloody know, you did. It has been in the media many times.

Race lovers I leave you to your "moral values". Enjoy shopping for your new clothes to celebrate animal cruelty you shallow monsters.