Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The cats protection league tell us this has been a bumper year for kittens, with many more being born than in previous years, and the recent figures of wildlife decimated by domestic cats
prompted me to tell you the following.
I have trained all my cats over many years not to attack wildlife, when they are kittens as soon as they start the stalking, blast the cat with a water pistol, you need to do it when they are young
and you will need to do it about a dozen times, this then means they associate stalking wildlife with unpleasantly getting wet and they stop.
My fat tabby-cat amazes visitors by sleeping right near the bird table without worrying the little fellows as they feed, because i water pistol trained him when he was a kitten.
Do not let your cats out at night.
The bible tells us to love our neighbours, and animals are also our neighbours, and they need our love.
The recent case of rare bird being blown to our shores in the gales, brought whoops of delight from ornithologists and bird watchers, and about 100 of them watched as a domestic cat ran at the bird and was away with in its teeth in front of the birders and their cameras.
Many English species are under threat from cats, as cats and humans are the only species who hunt for the sake of it.
Pictured is my bird freindly fattus-cattus-flumpalumpus.
NOTE: cats just know that they are Royalty, we are just lucky to be their servants. having four cats in our household has been a blessing to us. They are all senior citizens now, and I dread with all my heart saying good bye to any of them.
God has given me more time with Tolstoy, my Angel cat for which I am eternally grateful. Our Slinky is very similar to Mr Stokes's cat, and almost as fat due to eating our puppy girl's food.