Friday, 18 January 2013

Attention Canberra Gardeners!

To all the garden lovers in Canberra, here is a handy website and jumping off point for you. especially for new comers to town. We do need plenty shade in our gardens. Watch out if you have a west facing house too. I have and it gets so hot, so I have planted shady trees, Viburnum larustinus and Photinias out the front, to keep the sun out. My trees are deciduous to allow sun light in winter.

Under my trees I have Hellebores and Agapanthus. If you have space to add a May Bush (Spirea), they are a lovley shrub. They flower in October with lovely little flowers. Carpet roses are a good low maintenance bush also.
There are many wonderful easy care plants to choose from. Pop into Bunnings or the Garden at Weston, or Dickson for a chat with the nursery staff. For the serious gardener there is the trip out to Pialligo to view a street full of Nurseries. I love going there in Autumn and Spring  to soak up the atmosphere. Enjoy a nice lunch and look at the amazing Peacocks wandering around.

If you like Ornamental trees may I suggest the Prunis Nigra, (Plumb tree).
I have 3 Elm trees in my front yard and a Chinese Pistachio. And 3 Prunus trees. Shade is vital due to the powerful, hot afternoon sun. Please keep the water up to your trees and plants. If you are gardening on a budget don't forget free-cycle (on the Internet), the markets, friends and neighbours for cuttings too.

Do not plant Jade in the garden, as the winter frost will kill it. I found out the hard way, when I moved here from Sydney 18 years ago, keep it in a pot and under a pergola. You might want to bring it indoors at night. Plants need to be  tough to surive the Canberra extremes. Think of the european plants but keep them shaded under trees.  South African plants such as Osteospermum and Agapanthus are very popular. Seaside daisies (Erigeron dasies) are a must also, and are quite cheap to buy. Hall Markets which run on the first Sunday of the month have great plants too. If you are new to Canberra, buy the Canberra gardener book too. It is a vauable guide book.