Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Isis Cults


I have never been comfortable with th Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Last night out of the blue I started to think about Isis, and wondered  Isis was Satanic. So I googled to see what I could find. So far I have come up with this. I must say that the persons views on Nuclear power is flawed. It is not safe and must never be used at all.

But getting back to the  subject at hand, and knowing about the solar death cults and the Atenist/Atonist cult it seemed to me that it is all nasty stuff.

Look at the new age shops pushing this crap. The new age movement is not what people think it is either. It is Satanic through and through. Many well intentioned people follow this movement without knowing what it really is. The same can be said for all the worlds religions too. Who do you think is at the top of the dung heap, of the whole lot of this now?

Yes, the solar cults. I keep saying do your home work. The truth is hidden in plain sight. I know many people that follow new age/pagan type lifestyles. They are lovely people but try to tell them who is behind this and they refuse to see it. There are many kinds of pagans, most of whom are very good people who love animals and nature. How does one work out which pagan belief system to follow though. That is a very difficult question to answer. But do watch out for those that worship gods of Egypt. Stay right away from that stuff.

Keep your spiritual values and beliefs simple please, and do not mess with what you don't understand, for your own safety. There must be no god/goddess between you and God. We all have a Keep your prayers simple and humble. We do not ask for riches or money. We may ask for help if we are in a bad financial position. God knows I have been there more times than I can shake a stick at. When I have asked for help, I am never disappointed with the outcome.  It is how we ask as well as what we ask for too. It must come from the heart and be the truth. Most of the time my prayers are for other people  and family members, including the furry ones.

You must not look to these so called gods/goddesses to help you. These entities could be quite harmful, you do not know what the outcome can be.
Stick to asking God or you spirit guide or a loved one that is in spirit.

I often have people come to me and say, " I have so and so, as my spirit guide". How do they know that is the case, most would not.  You must always ask for proof. You must ask is this being, " in the light". They must answer either yes or no. Never talk to those that are not in the light. They can be very harmful.

Some names that are given and are supposedly form ancient times are not real people. They are fictional, such as Jesus. I have had my thoughts manipulated with this in the past by a spirit pretending to be Jesus. He said " You don't believe in me." I answered, "No, I don't, there are so many lies in this world, put out by the churches, how am I supposed to know what is true and what is a lie? The answer that I got back was, "I am not who people think I am". Gee say it ain't so!  I stood my ground, but there was that element of doubt too. You can never be too careful. Now the manipulation was done by a so called friend's guide. She laughed  about it, until I called her out. I no longer have anything to do with her. She called herself spiritual too!

Be very careful please when getting into this area. Always keep an open mind, if there is any doubt, you know then it is not safe or it is not for you.  Read as much as you can and ask questions always.

If you are working with spirit guides, you have the right to know who they are, and what their credentials are. Everything must be verifiable. They must not ask you to do anything that is wrong or put you in any danger.
Spirit guides must be non judgemental,  they must come to you with unconditional love, and speak the truth. That is God's will. In a nut shell until you know enough about this stuff, speak only to your higher self and your loved ones in spirit. Some of your loved ones are your spirit guides. The are by your side because they love you, and will not harm you.

Peace and Light

Update to this  post: This was originally posted on 01/01/2013. I removed it for a while, but now wish to add to this post. After writing this, I was given the Wes Penre website to read. I feel in order to help people understand the above post I recommend going on to Wes's site.  But please, use your own judgment, not mine.