Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Truth about Homeopathy

Well written article and right on the money. Same deal with the Australian Bush Flower Essences that I use. They have all been through strict testing before Dr Ian White released them on to the market.

I use both personally and would never, ever use any medication if it was not safe to use. You can't say that Big Pharma's drugs are safe.

I ask people to do their own research on these matters. Homeopathy is a highly honourable field of natural medicine and is safe for any one to use under the instructions of their health care professional.
Did you know the British royal family have always used homeopathy?

Do not let the corrupted minds of the conventional medical industry cloud your judgement.

All areas of medicine have their correct place, and we all should have the right to say which form of medical treatment we want. I personally would never in a million years allow Chemo therapy to be used on me if I had Cancer. I would use alternate therapy as I know that it works and is totally safe. This is all about money and power, nothing else matters to big Pharma.