Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas, do you want lies with that ?

Most of this is utter trash. The Romans, the Atonists etc worshiped the negative energy of the Sun. There were no three wise men, Jesus, Mary et all. What it is, is Astrology. Read your true origins of Christianity. Connor  MacDari, Micheal Tsarion (E-Books on Amazon), Gerald Massey John Lamb Lash  and many, many more. All  of the writers have been through painstaking research to uncover the truth. Some from as far back as 2 hundred years. 

Now that in itself speaks volumes, we are talking well educated men and women here folks. Alarm bells should be ringing loud in peoples heads for heavens sake.

This video is pure trash, look at what the Catholic Church, the Jewish faith and Islam have done. They are all part of this evil cycle of death. Solar Death cults for want of an other name.

There are some writers over the year that say the original Irish Druids are the true spiritual leaders of humanity, a supposedly peaceful non violent people.  We do not have information at our finger tips to back this up though because it is controlled information. But yes the Druids were murdered by the Romans and the  then ancient English/Norman Royals because they were not falling into line with the plans of the Vatican. 

Do not fall for this rubbish. By all means enjoy Christmas as a family thing. Forget all the commercial crap. Keep it simple, an nice meal and the company of those that you care about. Help the needy, and don't forget the animals too.

We need to go be more spiritually minded and take good loving care of each other, the animals and the planet. There is no doubt about that, but the way things are it seems impossible.

There has never been truth on this Earth since the fall of Atlantis. We don't know much of what was here prior to the fall, as the truth was destroyed. Some say the blame lies with the priest class in the days of old.

 JESUS of the bible is not real! Read up on Iesa, Essa of ancient Ireland or even Isis and Horus.The story of Iesa was around 2 and a half thousand years prior to this blasphemy. The Irish knew myth from fact also, which is more than can be said for today's people. Also there is an ancient Palestinian sect or cult mentioned in the book by John Lamb Lash, Not in his image, that  made it’s way through to Europe, that helped put in motion the wheels of today’s Christianity as a Salvationist cult, this went totally against the traditional spiritual beliefs in the east. They were very dangerous and violent people, that somehow managed to create a religion based on their own beliefs that was totally against all spiritual beliefs in their own country.

Tell me is it ok that religious leaders hold Black mass under the Vatican? Is it ok to sexually abuse children? To murder other human beings, destroy the Earth. The Jewish religion and the Christian religion and Muslim religion are OK with this let me tell you. I don't know much about  Islam other than it is controlled by the same cabal too. As is the New-age movement and the Spiritual Church and Theosophy movement. Same poop, different shovel. I have read many books on the subject, I have seen it first hand in many ways. I have seen it split families. Is it any wonder that people are lost? Is it any wonder people are leaving the churches in droves.

 I am not saying that "some" pagan religions were not evil by today's standards. Things must be kept in historical context for a start. A beat up like this makes people uptight and react without thinking. Just exactly how they want your programmed response. Talk about a conditioned response.

This is the last month in the dying piscean age. We are told that we are at the birthing of a new and loving spiritual  age, of Aquarius now. It is a gradual process, it will be what we collectively, as spiritual beings make it. Er, no this is just more spin that is put out to the masses. Yes I did accept much of this information when new to the whole spiritual thing, but now have had second thoughts , I have become more aware and no longer believe this. 

Oh BTW, can you tell me why, centuries ago, the Pope forbid people to be educated, to learn astrology, to wash themselves, encouraged people to disrespect nature and animals? The word animal is derived from two Latin words,meaning, evil spirit. What is evil about animals? But apparently the Catholic church thinks  they are evil, and these cretins  up until recent times said animals do not have souls. They are on record for that too, remember and the pope is on record for saying Lucifer is the god of this earth, however the cunning bastard said it in Latin. That is because the masses can’t understand Latin. Got something to hide? 

So are you still OK with Christianity and its misogyny and murder, child sex abuse, drug running, prostitution, debasing women and any one that dares to question their crimes against humanity and Spirit/God is public enemy number one?

I can tell you right now, I will never have anything to do with the so called Christian churches, due to their lies, murder and control of the minds and hearts of the people who foolishly trust them, in blind faith.

As I say to all liars, spirit knows everything that we do. It is on our akashic records, it can not be altered, it can not be removed, it can not be locked or damaged. It is there for any spirit being that has the ability to see and read it. None of us are perfect on this Earth, in a nut shell. Earth is a school, yes as in the old saying "school of life", that is where it comes from.

We supposedly incarnate here to learn and grow from what we do and experience on the Earth plane. It is a spiritual experience in mass and matter according to the spiritual teachings. The planet though is in a very low spiritual vibration, the third dimension. So being here is very difficult to awaken spiritually and advance. 

Education is in the stars (Astrology) and truth is what these undeveloped souls want to to hide from you and I. They are asking us to give away our spiritual power, that is a crime against humanity.

I care not if you do not accept spiritual truth, that is up to the individual.  I will not tolerate liars spreading untruths and fear among humanity.
This is what keeps all the evil in this world. It has no place here. It is up to those pure of heart, mind and soul to stand up and say, "Not in my name and not in God/Spirit's name'. Take back this Earth and our spirituality.  

 Pagans generally are coming from a peaceful place, even if we find them rather odd or different.There are thousands of different types of Pagan religions in the world, most of which are  loving and nature and spiritual based. However I cannot say if any of them are in any way like they originally were, I highly doubt it.
I myself dedicate my life to truth, Spirit, nature and helping the less fortunate in this world. I have done so all of my life and will do so to my dying day. Not for spiritual brownie points, but just because I feel it is the right thing to do. I ask for nothing in return, however it is important to understand the concept on an energy exchange and it must be balanced.

I do like my Christmas tree, and the fairy lights, as it is pretty. The tree represents the tree of life, which is very important in many of this worlds cultures. So if you like your Christmas tree or what ever name you call it, so be it.