Sunday, 2 December 2012

Walking dogs in hot weather!!

I just got back from shopping, it is 31 degrees Celsius and humid outside.
As I drove along the main road out side of the shops, I saw a man jogging, and along side him was his dog. A long coated dog of medium size. Neither of them had any water with them.

It is shocking to see dogs out in the middle  of the day in this heat. This is just wrong. Humans have the choice of when to go out and in what ever weather conditions they choose, but dogs and cats don't have that choice.

Some Humans don't seem to be capable of thinking about the animals rights, and expect the animal to just get on with it.  Animals have a slightly higher body temp than us. They have a fur coat that does not come off. Please take the time to stop and think about what it must feel like for these poor little creatures in hot weather. How would you like to wear a coat in hot weather and no water to drink and no shade from the hot sun?

In hot weather our fury children need plenty water to drink in the out doors, and plenty of shade.  Whether that be shade from trees, a kennel or some other covering that they can go under to keep cool and dry.

Please walk dogs before 9.30am and after 7pm in hot weather. Even temps like 23degrees in the middle of the day can be a bit much for some dogs.
Check your dog for signs of heat stress regularly. To cool them off quickly you can hose them off. If you have a small clam shell wading pool in the yard, place it in a shady area with plenty water each day, to allow your doggie to wade in the pool and drink the water too. Do Not, tie your dog up in the yard, especially in the full sun. That is animal abuse.

When walking your dog take a small bottle of water for him/her and a fold up water bowl, (the ones that are like a little hat) you can pick them up in a pet shop, Petbarn or on line. Remember your fury child cant tell you when he/she is hot, feeling unwell etc. It is up to you to keep an eye on them and regular monitoring of them in hot weather.

I have seen so many sad little dogs and cats suffering because of thoughtless
owners/parents. It is very distressing to see them suffering. I am by no way a wealthy person, but I keep my  4 cats, 1 dog/puppy and other small creatures in good comfort. They are well watered, kept cool in the heat and warm in winter. They have a shady yard because I took the time to grow shady trees and shrubs. Installed shade cloth over their outdoor areas and adequate housing in the yard as well as indoors.

There is no excuse for people not to provide the basic rights for their fury and or feathered companions. If you can't do that then you should not have them in the first place. Pets are not a right, they are a privilege.

Please also stop and think about dogs in parked cars, they can suffer heat stress within 10 to 15 minutes. Please don't take them out in the car in a hot day, they are better off in the house with plenty water.

If you must take them with you, they must wear a doggie seat belt. They must have the windows open enough to get plenty fresh air but not be able to get their head out of the window. Keep a bottle of water in the car and a bowl to drink from. The folding nylon bowl for dogs is ideal, they can fold up and fit in your back pocket or a bag. One window open is not allowing more fresh air to get into the car, open 2 or 3 a couple of inches.

You might be interested in knowing that there are window guards that you can fit into the window also, so that the dog gets fresh air and the window can stay open. Have a look on eBay or pet shops for these window guards for dogs travelling in cars. Our fury children deserve the best after all, they give us unconditional love.