Monday, 4 March 2019

This is the Energy the Aliens Want to Collect and store for their own use

Those of you who already read up on this stuff will already be fully aware of this.
Sexual energy being the most powerful because it is creative energy to create life.
Female genital mutilation is for this reason too and not really for any other purpose.

A rather brutal way to cut off the energy that connects to the all that is. The average person has no idea about this. Just think about the ancient temple prostitutes that were used for their energy, they had to be intact shall we say or the connection would be impossible.

Those that practice Tantra would obviously know this, but what they don't know is they are also being used for energy harvesting because they are not aware that it happens.

Many years ago I was told by a psychic to practice Tantra, to be honest I was repulsed by the thought of it and I know why these days. Not just that these beings actually watch you in the act, how do I know...I can see the bastards that's how I know. I have to put up with these beings 24/7 even though I object and tell them to bugger off and leave me alone, pointing out they are violating my privacy and they are also violating cosmic law. These entities just do not care.

Watch in YouTube mode and look at the comments.