Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cheesed Challenge sees babies slapped with cheese

Good heavens, some people just should not breed. Who the hell thinks up this stuff and then the idiots copy them. Respect your children and don't do this to them. They are not there to be humiliated or ridiculed.

The mother of the boy who was first 'cheesed' spoke out online. Picture: Twitter

It is also inappropriate to have your child all over social media. Your child cannot give consent to either of these.  This is not at all funny, it is abuse, humiliating the poor child.

These Internet moronic games are thought up by social engineers usually, and then they watch how many idiots pick it up. It shows just how dumbed down society is and it is getting worse by the day.

No self respect, no respect for others including the persons own children, no boundaries, unfit and ineffective parenting is a sign of society imploding. Society collapse does not necessarily mean a world war. It can be the decline of moral standards and ethics, intelligence, acceptable behaviours etc. We are slap bang in the middle of societal collapse and the masses cannot see this. Because they are so dumbed down with their heads in a phone or computer screen.

Not actually living in the "real world", instead they are interfacing with AI. There are also the angry trolls and keyboard warriors that just exist to upset and abuse people. This is very dangerous to mental health and will produce angry dysfunctional people.

Many people now avoid saying anything on line these days because they do not want to be abused and bullied. A great way to train the masses in submission, dis-empower and taking away freedom of speech. If every time a person makes a comment on line they get abused they will eventually either not communicate or they will start abusing others. Monkey see monkey do.

This is not a healthy thing and most people have no idea how much  their lives are controlled in this way. Life is evolving around screens and less actual face to face interaction.  Have a look at this, this is not exactly new technology, just more sophisticated. The posts usually have a comments part at the bottom.