Saturday, 30 March 2019

Ralph Breaks the Internet | Official Trailer 2

This advert was on TV about an hour ago, I  have never seen the advert before, but my god I was stunned at the blatant AI push. This is aimed at our children and grandchildren to lure them into the AI.

This is highly disturbing and people need to take a look at this and think what is the agenda. Too many kids and young people live via the internet as per design. Interfacing with AI and not other human beings and their thoughts being manipulated in to the bargain. There are a lot of parents that will just ignore this, as well as other dangers that are going on at present. Make no mistake about it your kids are a target for evil. If you are worried about 5G then you should also be very worried about this too.

How much more in your face can you get. Now as with cosmic law, the law states that everything must be revealed to us. Well yes they are revealing their intentions to us, but are people are not  paying attention to what is being said. Nah of course not. They are too busy with their head in the TV or the PC. Bingo! Interfacing with technology. That is what the powers that be want. Too easy unless you are vigilant. Remember your silence is an agreement with these individuals and their controllers.

You must utter the word YES or NO! Otherwise it is taken as Yes. I am glad my son is an adult because there is no way in hell I would let him watch this if I was a young parent these days.
Bear in mind Disney are notorious for subliminal messages and have a dark reputation.

Google what Disney get up to with the MIC and mind control, child abuse etc. They are not so nice and sweet. You may be interested to know the abuse of children in Hollywood has been around since the days of Shirley Temple.

You may want to Google what happened to her and many others. Bob Hope, now there is an evil person and CIA handler to boot.( I have not read the book, Thanks for the Memories" by Cathy O'Brien, but I do intend to read it). Hollywood is an evil vipers nest and they have a massive involvement in AI.