Friday, 7 December 2018

800K Children in the U.S. Missing Each Year – International Tribunal Exposes Paedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

You know what really sickens me is the amount of ordinary people that just don't want to know. On my personal Facebook page not one person will read the posts about this abuse. That really pisses me off. I have abuse victims in my family, and meet many clients that are survivors, so I have no respect for anyone that ignores this shit.

It is a case of I'm all right Jack with the average person. That is not bloody good enough, unless it happens to them they don't care. Gutless cowards! They don't want to know that the rulers of every nation are heavily involved in this.

A hand full of people can do nothing, but if everyone got involved and actually grew some balls this would stop. But reality check, it isn't going to stop because Joe Public is a lazy gutless shit.

I will respect humanity when they evolve in to decent caring and loving sentient beings, the way they were designed to be.

How can any human being still be involved with a religious, political system or the entertainment industry, that is actively involved in this evil? Simple they go into denial. That's what cowards do. No one will take a real stand. Police officers even collude with the abusers. You don't see any of them resign in disgust do you. Some of them are abusers also and intimidate the good police officers.

 I cannot understand how a person can stay in a job that facilitates this evil. But hey its down to moral fibre and guts. That is a rare commodity in most humans. Did you know that with paedophile abuse at the Satanic level, the sodomite gateway (anal sex) is vital ? This is to take the spiritual energy of the child which sits in the base chakra, you may have heard the term Kundalini, that is the spiritual energy that sits coiled up at the base chakra.

Normally the Kundalini is activated slowly and gently through our psychic awakening and usually in meditation. But in abuse it is forceful and a forced psychic awakening of the child through trauma.  Awakening the Kundalini forcefully does affect the child mentally too of course, part of the intention with the abuse is to control the child mentally. Then if the child is to be a sacrifice, blood letting is important as the adrenaline in the blood induced by deep trauma is important in energy harvesting, the person drinking the blood gets a psychic high from the blood infused with adrenaline. This by the way has been going on for thousands of years world wide. 

Any one with an ounce of intelligence is well aware that the " Safe Schools  programme"  push is geared towards this filth too. Just watch social media when anyone posts something about this abuse and the dummies and trolls attack them, so who's side are the dummies and trolls on?? They ain't on the side of the kids are they!

Thanks to the internet there is more filth and child abuse on line and more and more people are now abusing children. People are becoming desensitized to the abuse. It speaks volumes of the lack of moral fiber and lack of true spirituality on this earth. No humanity is not evolving spiritually, they are devolving spiritually and that evidence is all around us in many forms.

Notice the amount of little girls that are encouraged to dress as adult women, even their parents think it is acceptable. Talk about thick as a brick, and then they wonder why some creep approaches the child. Stop dressing little girls like adults and let them be children. No sexualized photos of children doing duck lips on social media for a start. Your child's innocence once taken cannot be restored.

What are you people thinking? Pandering to the sick Pedo's out there and not protecting your most precious gift in all the world. We all know that social media is being used to groom children for abuse so what are parents thinking, allowing kids to be unsupervised on the internet and yet practically every day a child is being targeted by these sickos.

I have seen many women living their lives through their daughters and dressing them inappropriately.  It is not normal to do this, it's sick and you are training the child to become an object for abuse.

Fiona Barrett the Australian survivor  of Satanic sexual abuse. Franka Areana mentioned her in Parliament, but it fell of  deaf ears as usual. SHANE DOWLING jailed for exposing Pedos.
No good turn goes unpunished as they say. Have a look through his website he has very interesting articles.

 (It's not just the transfusions to stay youthful, the energy vibration of the person is being consumed too. This is still part of the dark agenda no if's or buts)

UPDATE:  Dec 30, 2018

You know what only a few people have bothered to read this or click on the links. THAT right there tells me something about the selfish human race! Most people don't really give a shit.

I share missing children and adults info on my personal Facebook and official Face book page and may be 1 or 2 will share that. That is selfish and does not help the poor soul that needs help.

Ever heard of service to humanity??  Everything a person does in their life is stored on their Akashic records which is like a computer hard drive and it cannot be tampered with.

For all the people that ignore abuse, that  fact is  stored on your Akashic records along with everything the person has done, witnessed etc, and when you return to spirit you MUST answer for it. I will leave  this to the individual's conscience to ponder.