Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Baby Thrushes At Alex's House

We have had the wonderful pleasure of having a mummy Thrush and her 4 little chicks on our back verandah. I only noticed a nest up on one of the rafters a few weeks ago; and I kept an eye on it.

Along came mummy Thrush and she would sit there for ages and then disappear (off shopping, lol)
About a week ago I noticed little beaks  poking out from the nest and I was so overjoyed at seeing them, so I got out my tablet to take a photo every now and then.

On Christmas eve morning I went out the back with Ruby our Jack Russell and noticed the nest was empty. Mixed with joy and sadness I knew they had gotten their pilots licence and flew off.

Well at least there are two goof things about that, 1) Ruby will stop her manic barking at them. and 2) the are away before this weeks heatwave starts. I was worried that the hot sun wold kill them.  So it is wonderful that they are off to explore the world around them I just hope the stay safe. It was a pleasure to have them as little guests.

This photo was taken on December 23rd , 2018  There were 4 little ones in the nest.  By the way in Scotland the Thrush is also known as a Mavis.

Click on the picture and you can see the chicks close up.

Above is the link to my Instagram account and you can see more photos of the babies on there.