Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Schools accused of failing us on basic Aussie knowledge


Much as I do not like Jones, he is correct, our public education system is abysmal and an utter embarrassment to the nation. Even when my children went to school in the 90's to the early 2000's it was appalling. This is no accident, it is done by design to keep the class division and to prevent critical thinking. Schools have become indoctrination centers, nothing of value is taught only Marxist ideology and nothing prepares children to handle life in the real world.

Young people without a well rounded education cannot hold a proper conversation on an intellectual or cultural level because it is being withheld from the working classes deliberately. Education to some young people is already seen as elitist. In the years to come they will become embarrassed by their lack of knowledge and lack of culture and feel inadequate  because they cannot mix with a wide cross section of society.

Imagine going out to dinner with work colleagues that have a better education and being embarrassed because you cannot keep up with intellectual conversations. China did this remember? All the educated people were removed from their jobs and either had to work on the land in harsh conditions, sent to prison or executed.


The cultural revolution in Australian may  not be as extreme and brutal, but it is happening right under the noses of every Australian. Anyone that has come in to our great nation from a country like China or any dictatorship can see this, because they have been there and done that. They sure as hell do not trust our leaders when it comes to their children's education under the public system. But they make sure their kids get a good education one way or an other; many of those children are university educated thanks to their parents pushing them to better themselves.

Our grandparents had a much better education, but by the time the children of the 70's went to school, the powers that be had already started dismantling the education system.  All the core subjects such as History, Geography, Languages (including Latin) Ancient History, Home Economics, Music, Maths , English (grammar, punctuation, spelling) and Social Studies are not all on offer these days.

Kids do not learn much of their nation nor its culture and cultural figures, poetry, novels etc. It is such a shame to see this happening right in front of our eyes and no one is interested in stopping this.

Good quality reading sure beats being dumbed down by TV with trash like reality shows. That is what society has become and it is a sad indictment on or nation's future generations.   Along with education kids need to use their imaginations and they need good role models to help shape their future or they have no chance.