Tuesday, 6 November 2018

NO! Just No, I Just Could Not Justify The Melbourne Cup


This is just heart breaking seeing this young horse end his life like this. I have never been a gambler. I did go to the occasional socialising at Melbourne Cup events up until 2013, but it was never about the horses for me.  2013 though, that was the year that turned me right off.

I do not doubt the jokey's love their horses, but at the end of the day it's all about money. You can keep your money, an animals life is worth much more than $7.3 million. I value an animals life as much as I value a human life and respect animals, but this is not respect. The poor horse is only as good as it's results to those without souls. Stick you horse racing and any other events that exploits animals.

In case you are wondering,  No I am not a vegan or any radical sort of person, I am just a person that loves animals and values all life. So please don't go thinking I am a crazy unicorns and rainbows sort of person. I am a very down to earth and tell it how it is person, nothing more.  It is about respect and love for me.

Animals are beautiful sentient beings, which in 2016 the Australian government had made a public acknowledgement about and then later did a back flip on.