Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Canberra Street cats Alliance Need Your Help

Canberra Street Cats Alliance really need your help people of Canberra.
They are inundated with so many cats and kittens right now. They need a lot of help to care for the fur babies big and small.

They are stretched to capacity at present with 57 cats in care, as you can see from this cut and paste from their Facebook page. Please Canberrans can you reach out in some way to help the staff and the fur babies?

It is heartbreaking and these people have families to care for just like you and I have, but feel the strong need to step up and help these unfortunate animals. I have just made a  cash donation to them a few minutes ago. I have my own fur babies to take care or two of whom are ill and 16 years old, not to mention a hyper active Jack Russell. So I am in no position to take any kitties myself or else I would.

Please Canberra spread the word and help out in any way that you can. Thank you in advance on behalf of these wonderful people at CSCA and the beautiful kitties.

I am not personally connected to the CSCA, I just share information and make donations when ever I can. Just trying to do my bit for the babies.

Canberra Street Cat Alliance is feeling at catpacity.
4 hrs
These are are just some of the 57 gorgeous cats we have in care at the moment (spread across foster homes). We are financially, logistically, and emotionally, not able to take on any more cats for the time being. The only exception is cats we have already pre-commited to helping, such as Splash and Splish's sibling (Splosh) that is still on the streets.
We are still able to assist with desexing street cats though and will continue to do so. We have:
🐱 32 kittens under 8 weeks old
🐱 5 beautiful mums nursing kittens (Dottie who is also an ELM, Penny, Calypso, Dust Bunny and Casper)
🐱 4 long-termers that are going to need intensive socialisation (Archie, Nita, Rain, Emerald)
🐱 9 adult ELM cats (Johny, June, Tina, Travis, Truman, Penny, Mathias, Lottie, Dottie)
🐱 2 siblings Splash and Splish
🐱 6 older kittens including Stevie, Tiger, Elfo, Hamish and Cleopatrick, Allie
Thank you for your understanding.

Payments can be made to CSCA   BSB  633000 ACN 163965056