Sunday, 15 March 2015

A heart warming sheepy story if ever ther was one

A heart warming sheepy story, those poor little souls. People must be held accountable for what their dogs do. No way would my dog be out without a leash. She is still a baby yet but will never be in a position to do any harm because she has a responsible human mummy.

More people need to donate to local animal charities when possible. It saves the lives of the animals and also the people caring for the animals often go with out things just so as the animals are taken care of. I donate as often as I can, and I am in no way well off. I don't have holidays, I help my loved ones which includes animals. I have only ever had one holiday in my married  life or 26 years.
It was only a few days and I missed all my fur babies. I have never had the money to throw away on luxuries like a holiday, the holiday that I did have was paid for by my husbands work as a reward for all his hard work.

Spiritual people are not here to be rich we are here to work on this earth where ever we can. Animals are my big love so what I have  I share when I can with animal charities of my choice.