Wednesday, 18 February 2015

URGENT NOTICE: Alex's time for the show is delayed one week

Due to a mix up in the international time zones there has been a glitch. My time slot was at  12.30pm and NOT 2.30pm for Australians. I am so sorry to let anyone down that was tuning in to hear me. Lets just put it down to the tail end of Mercury Retrograde. The time in the US EST is still 8.30pm on a Tuesday night. It is the Australian time that is different. I will be on air at 12.30pm Aus EST starting next Wednesday Australian time or 8.30pm next Tuesday US EST.

Please note that due to the  daylight savings in Spring and Autumn/Fall between Australia and the Northern Hemispheres, the time can be out by between 10 to 13 hours depending on the part of Australia or New Zealand and the and  US/Canada. We will have this changing in Australia at the end of March remember as we head back to winter.

Once again I offer my apologies to those that were let down by this error in time.


Peace Love and Light