Friday, 6 February 2015

Magnesium and Selenium deficiency

Just a quick blurb on the importance of minerals and vitamins in your body. We live in a very busy world these days, with very little time to eat healthy. Often we eat processed foods because we need that quick fix to satisfy hunger pangs. The down side is that more and more people are getting sick from the lack of proper  nutrition. Years ago we were all taught in school how to eat healthy and avoid illnesses such as scurvy, pellagra and iron deficiency to name a few health issues. Today these health conditions are coming back  again, due to our unhealthy eating habits and fast food. 

Two of the most important minerals that we need are Magnesium and Selenium. The US has a good amount of Selenium in the soil unlike many other nations, however depending on where one lives and what one eats, it can be very difficult to obtain the correct dosage of Selenium. Modern agriculture is making the big mistake of using artificial means to fertilise the soil resulting in lower levels of   vital vitamins and minerals, instead of using organic fertilisers. This is a major cause of deficiencies. in the western world.

We must go back to the traditional methods and we must go back to a healthy diet. Processed foods do contain other chemicals that are not good for the body and can cause health problems if we eat processed foods all the time. We must take responsibility for our own health and eat proper food, and a healthy balance of the food groups, (unless you are Vegan). We also need to eat more nuts, providing one is not allergic to nuts. Dairy products have chemicals and other things added to them too that can lead to health problems. I myself can not have very much dairy for that reason, so I must have substitutes to get my proper nutrition. Now looking up information on the internet is important but also seeing your doctor  and or a natural therapist. Many modern doctors do not teach the importance of vitamins and minerals, my guess is the time factor with all the patients that they have to see each day.

It is the individuals responsibility to learn proper nutrition, it should not be the responsibility of others to tell you how to eat. Animals know what they should eat to be healthy and what to eat if they are ill. Humans used to know too, but have become lazy and indifferent, and as a result of this have lost so much knowledge on how to eat correctly. The western world has lost so much knowledge in the past 100 years alone. That is quite startling to say the least, we need to be asking the big question as to why the western world has lost basic survival skills and also other skills. In the next 20 years we stand to lose more unless the individuals can pull themselves out of the couch potato mindset that has been rapidly taking control. Some of this might well be traced back to poor nutrition, which leads to fatigue and apathy, sloppy thinking and a sloppy attitude to life in general. All of this is preventable.

The western world is in decline, and it will be over taken, it wont even be equal to the rest of the world if this trend continues. Remember the movie Idiocracy? That is the way many are acting. Just ask general knowledge questions to any one under the age of 50 these days and you will see what I mean.
If you were to play a game of Trivia, that would be an eye opener. A fun game to play, but the lack of knowledge that I have seen in clubs that run Trivia quizzes is a worry. Most people bomb out in areas of geography, history, current affairs, literature and just basic general knowledge. They can only answer sport or tv questions. Now what does that tell you? It tells me keep the hell away from those that do not wish to learn anything for a start, LOL.

But it all starts with basic nutrition which feeds the body and the brain. In turn stimulating the brain into wanting to learn and memory retention abilities. No one wants to end up with early on set dementia and end up in a nursing home when it is easily preventable and have a better quality of life.
So please do think about this and make a positive move to eating healthy. Don't forget Walnuts, Almonds Cashews etc. Fresh is best if you can get them and they can be added to your food or just as a snack.

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