Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Attention all Vets in the Tuggeranong, ACT area: Free Spiritual healing for animals

This is a call to any vets in the Tuggeranong area that are into alternate healing such as Reiki.
I am offering free Spiritual healing to any animals that you feel might benefit from healing energy  to hasten recovery from health issues including emotional issues.

I am very passionate about animals, and would be most honoured to be of service to any animals that might benefit from a complementary free healing.  This energy comes straight through from spirit. I do not touch the animal at all. I have had success with my own fur babies over the years. I do of course take my beloved fur babies to a local vet and I am well known as an devout animal lover. I am adherent to standard veterinary treatments and in no way take matters into my own hands, other than with the assistance of spirit.

Gromit AKA Nunu. Famous for taking a crash dive off the top steps in the patio. If he saw a magpie he would just tilt. Gromit would do a running leap from the 3rd step and crash land on the grass and be off like a shot to try and catch the bird. Just about an every day occurrence with him LOL.

Gromit did hurt his knee and I gave him healing that night and took him off to see his vet the next morning. May be it was just luck, but he was all back to normal in 2 or 3 days.

Ruby my current dog, AKA Madam Minx, was only in our house 24 hours when she decided that she would orbit the family room going from the top of the lounge chairs and then launch herself on to my diner table. The third time she missed and hit the floor. A 12 week old pup with 'tude!  I gave her healing and rushed her to  her vet first thing in the morning. Lucky for her she is ok. Nothing broken or damaged. She was fine just sore for a day or so.

Madam Minx, Ruby  the day we got her. She will be three at the end of June this year. Full on and full of mischief.