Saturday, 13 October 2012

another UFO dream!!

I had a rather strange but nice UFO dream on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.
I thought that I had better post before I forget it.

It was a rather nice dream, nothing special until, this big white wedge shaped aircraft turns up.
In the dream I am standing with all of my family on the back veranda, the weather is quite nice, and suddenly we see this aircraft in the sky, I tell my youngest son to come over and see it.

This white wedge shape aircraft, had a open door on it's side. I could see a man in a pilots suit and helmet. There were lots of big packages inside this air craft.  As we stood watching the air craft, it hovered above us and then landed in the yard next door, the fence seemed to disappear too.

One of the men came over to us, he had a happy smile on his face. The feeling from him was of pure happiness. Like he was so pleased to see us. He left us with the huge package, I assumed it was food.

My youngest son loves all things military by the way, so I thought that he would be so excited to meet this man. However it wasn't military at all. They seemed like aid workers, but not from Australia, or Earth for that matter. There seemed to be a deeply spiritual feeling to the man and his fellow colleague. Next thing I knew the were off to some one else. It left me feeling very happy and safe.

I told a friend of this dream today, who is a well respected clairvoyant here in Australia. She told me, that where she lives in Queensland, they have had a huge UFO encounter in her area seen by many people. I think that it was during the week that has just past that this happened too.

Now here is where I have to state things are not what I was led to believe. For a few years I was led to believe that the ET's were going to save us and are here to save humanity.....Not so!!

I have had a feeling for a few years now, our governments world wide and the Vatican have been withholding this information. They have been told to tell all of us on Earth that they are here . However the egos of our leaders has gotten in the way, as if we find that hard to believe lol. These off planet beings will now take matters into their owns hands and will reveal themselves to us when they feel like it.

Most of these ET's are not  benevolent or spiritual people, while look like us, they are not like us spiritually. They tell us they are here to free us from our collective sufferings at the hands of the 1%. However I have grave doubts about that.

The ones that visit this planet think they own this planet. They are not benevolent. They are after our DNA and the real-estate called earth. If you read up on En-Ki and En-Lil  and Marduk ( the Annunaki ET's) you will get a good idea of what is going on. Our world ruling classes know full well what the real deal is.

Have you noticed the amount of UFO stuff on tv of late? Most of it is making out that we are in danger from ET's. This is to heighten the level of fear. Yes, there is  danger from off planet. Our very existence is at stake and the Vatican and those behind them, that control them are aware of this.

When these beings arrive they will act like they are here to offer us good things, just like the pilgrims arriving in the US, remember all the suffering they caused and the Vatican Inc were up to their filthy eyeballs in that genocide, this is exactly the same deal.

 Well this time around it will be offering technology and medical cures. Gee when we have natural therapies that can do all that. Hmmmm, except the powers that be don't like us using natural therapies. So along come the ET's offering their stuff. The masses will jump at this like kids at Christmas, much like the native Americans.

BUT, there will be a catch, a one world order, one government, one God/Marduk and a life of suffering. Those that doubt this as fooling themselves.

Everything that will come is put in front of us, albeit in a veiled way in many forms. They average person's perception is so dulled and dumbed down these days they won't notice until it happens.

Wilfully  ignorant, spiritually unevolved humans with a thirst for material gain let it happen, 95% of humanity that is. With 1% leading them to this, it is so easy to see, but no one wants to believe the truth, they would rather blame others.

We in the western nations are under the control of Soft Marxism, now the game is moving to high gear and the rules and getting deadly. So be it. Humanity has never learned anything, in all the lessons that have been dished out in the past few millennia. This is the point of no return.

Copyright by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium, October 2012.