Sunday, 16 September 2012

Info on Fibromyalgia

This is quite an important health issue. It is important that people are aware of it. Many doctors do not believe it exists, just like the chronic fatigue outbreak that started in the 1980's. This link is a good one to read up on the condition.

People must follow their instincts and do their own research,  it is everyone's duty to be aware of their own health and well being. Do not just accept what your GP or others tell you. Get a second or even third opinion. I had a friend with cancer in the mid 1980's. Her GP could tell from her x-rays that she
had a brain tumour. The specialist could not see it. This lost valuable time for her recovery. Sadly she passed away just months before I got married. Her family was left to take legal action on the so called specialist. I hope that they got a good out come from that sad affair. I have lost contact with the family many years ago, so I don't know if they got closure, I hope so.