Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Melbourne Cup 2017

How quickly the media and the punters forget the horrible deaths of horses  at last years Melbourne cup race, and the year before that too. Many horses were shot after the race due to injury, it  was nothing short of a blood bath. It was all over the media for days each time.

Today, it seems to be forgotten by the punters and the media, but hey lets not let that get in the way of making big money, getting drunk and having a good time. How disgusting it is, to see no one bats an eyelid this year, it is all forgotten and everyone just moves on.

The Australian government acknowledges all animals as sentient beings as from 2016. Funny how they still allow money to be made and suffering still to occur if they say animals are sentient beings.

To be blunt I do not think the government nor the people that indulge in animal sports such as horse racing understand what a sentient being is. Let alone violating the rights of sentient beings.


But the laws are also not what one would expect. They have loop holes to allow abuses to continue.
Animals will still be abused and suffer, because of the way these laws are constructed and pandering to big business, such as the back down on dog racing.

For instance the new laws still allow testing on animals, if it is a current product that is being tested. Only new products are banned. Money still dictates what happens. Cosmetics for a start do not need to be tested on animals. The results are already known. There are many cosmetics around that are not tested on animals and are totally safe. Why also does the government not ban imported goods that have been tested on animals too? Simple its all about money.

There  has never been any interest  in the prevention of animal suffering or abuse of animals. It is all lip service. With billions of dollars involved there is no way this will end. It makes me ashamed to be human, to be the same species as those that are indifferent to the suffering of innocent and defenceless animals.

Yes animals are sentient beings and, yes the do have souls, they do feel pain and suffering. As a Clairvoyant I often communicate with animals on behalf of both the animal and the human that loves that sentient being. I have felt first hand the love from horses, dogs, cats and other creatures that have healing from me, or have come through in spirit form to show their love for the humans that love them.

Just look into the eyes of any animal, what you see is pure and unconditional love looking back at you. I spend much of my time with animals and I prefer them to humans because there is no hidden agenda, there is love in their eyes, in their hearts and in their souls. I can't say all humans are like that.