Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fluoride fight: Northern Rivers group pushes for ban

This is shockingly slow at gaining public awareness. I have been ware of this toxin for 20 years,
This also goes against the UN ban on forced medication. However, during WW2 fluoride was used to subdue  Allied POW's  It makes one wonder how on earth they get away with forced medication, which in fact is a neuro toxin and was proven to be so back in the 1930s.

Do your research peeps. Many countries have banned this toxic chemical and it is amazing that first world countries with good access to the internet and public documents are ignorant on this subject, me thinks wilfully so to make a compliant public just like the Allied POWs in WW2 Germany. Are you aware that it also reduces the IQ and causes a vast range of illnesses?