Monday, 7 November 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed to be distant cousins as family trees show they share same set of royal ancestors

Of course they do, one cannot be President of the USA without being of this blood line and  a Freemason, females included they are members of the Order of the Eastern Star. It is just how it is. There is no democracy for heavens sake.  All the current royals of the UK are direct descendants of the Rothschild's.  Starting with the second born of Queen Victoria.  That is common knowledge these days.

I just can not get over how people will still vote for this human excrement. Knowing all the criminal activities that would have the average person do a life sentence or two. Like I said in my readings it is a show and nothing more. Trump is not supposed to be president, he is fake opposition. There is no real opposition.

Even Royal marriages to "commoners" are not real commoners. They are related  by blood lines and always will be. The female blood line is vital. That goes back to the days of their common ancestor Akhenaton. Just look at the Queen and Phillip. Dianna and Charles,  William and Kate. All related and they produce the family tree to prove it with each marriage. 

It is high time people started to think more and question everything. Until that day, there will be no change in who controls you and tells you what to think, and who to go to war with. But if humanity keeps living in ignorance they only have themselves to blame. W are living in a free world universe and what we do collectively affects the fate of this world. We are facing yet an other world war and all the masses can do is think of reality TV and trash. The masses are willing to fight at the persuasive coaching of the government and main stream media which is corrupt to the very core.  There is no intellectual or critical thinking only indoctrination and conformity when it comes to the masses. 

Voting is rigged but the masses refuse to believe this. They actually think they have a voice. NO, you have the illusion of thinking you have a voice. If you did have a voice, I can assure you most world leaders and bankers would be behind bars or executed for crimes against humanity.

So now we have the most vital election in the world tomorrow and I already know the horrible outcome.