Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Mandela Effect, Wes Penre blog

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Gosh this is interesting. This morning I was reading something  on face book  about the Young Ones tv series, a hidden character is in the first series. The person posting tbe video mentioned  the Mandela effect. I had not heard of that. Next thing there is a new post by Wes Penre, so I  read that, only to discover the link was broken. So I  thought I will pop on to his website and see if it's  there. It wasn't, so I  just looked at his blog and chat page, lo and behold I  see the Mandela effect, Hmmm. It is interesting so I  thought I  will post the link here for people  to see. Do have a look through his topics for interacting with him and his readers.

Anthon Parks is really worth checking out too, especially if you read French. I know much of his work is being translated into English, I  just keep forgetting  to look at his web site though, lol.