Saturday, 28 January 2017

Polite Notice To People Who Habitually Cancel Appointments

A polite notice to people that habitually make bookings and then cancel. I run a business not any different to any other proffessional. My time is valuable. Should you make bookings and cancel more than twice, a 50% deposit via PayPal, will be required should you make any further bookings.

As a Clairvoyant/ clear seeing, Claircognizant/Clairsentient/clear knowing and feeling. Of course I know already when the person making the booking will change their mind, not turn up or not bother to notify me, when they decide not to keep their appointment. That is my job to know this.

One does not break appointments with other professionals without incurring a surcharge for wasting valuable time. These bookings whither for myself, other psychics or other professions are in allotted time slots. People must think before committing to an appointment with any professional, as fees and charges are incurred.

You will find many top psychics are charging booking fees/deposits or, a cancelling fee for cancelling or for not turning up for the appointment, which could go to some one else that is in dire need of a reading. Many Psychics ask you to pay up front before you have your reading such as booking on line for a reading

It is downright ignorant and selfish not to give any thought to the person that you have made a booking with. This is our livelihood and we are legally entitled to ask you for a booking fee at the time of making an appointment. Just like you have to do at Psychic Fairs

I personally will only charge a booking fee for people that  book and cancel more than twice. Most of my clients are thoughtful and respectful long term clients. Please check your finances before thinking about making an appointment with anyone. Thank you for reading this and being respectful of the service and skills that you are paying for.