Thursday, 26 January 2017

Not Acceptable Behaviour For Anyone!

Take a look at the filth that the media is presenting to young and impressionable minds. Produced by the same evil people that manipulate and control every thing around us. There is a lot of dark occult messaging going on here. The black and white colours are masonic and occult symbology for good versus evil. This is not empowering it is debasing and it was not intended to be empowering.

The mainstream media have no problem assisting in corrupting and debasing society. It is up to the people to send a loud and clear message back telling them; this is unacceptable behavior for decent people in a civilized world. We do not want nor need this flaunted in our faces thank you.

 I question the morality and common sense of parents, of impressionable children and teenagers permitting their children to imitate these individuals, buy their music or attend their concerts. 
 There is actually quite a high percentage of adults that can no longer reason with what is morally right or wrong. How on earth do you expect to turn children into well adjusted adults if they do not have healthy foundations to support them.

May I also say, that this behaviour has an energetic or spiritually negative affect on the individual soul, lowering the vibrational frequency of the soul, keeping the soul in a negative energy and thus creating disharmony of  the mind, body and spirit. So as you can see a parent must take responsibly of a child's development morally and spiritually.

  When negative behaviour like this is allowed to  happen on a large scale, millions or billions of times the world over, it pulls mass consciousness down. Keeping it down in a negative frequency.

This is a deliberate debasement that is put into the minds of young and impressionable children and teenagers and  some adults too. Designed to keep them away from their rightful spiritual development and spiritual freedom. This is about energy on a spiritual level and that energy is extremely powerful. The people behind the scenes are fully aware of this, and they are deliberately manipulating that energy for very dark purposes. 

P:S. This is a mind game and nothing more. The masses have been fooled once again.

You may be interested to know that the demonstration in Washington DC was run by a Muslim lady Linda Sarsour, that is pro Sharia Law. Tell me please how is she helping to liberate any woman?

Take a look at the above link too and how many are OK with their kids listening to or watching this. It is all programming. People wonder why the kids are out of control and have no moral compass! May be parents need to be more vigilant and stop pandering to people that promote filth. You are responsible for your child's development and moral compass.  If you allow your  children to participate in this then you are guilty of child abuse. If you allow other parents to expose your children to this on TV, DVD, CD or any other format then again your are guilty of abuse. It is not healthy or normal for a child to be exposed to this and the subliminal messaging.