Monday, 2 January 2017

Alex's Psychic Predictions for 2017

Happy New Year everyone, I pray that you all have a lovely new year and stay safe. Keep it real this year and do spread love and compassion to everyone, animals included.

Now I will get into what I see for the year ahead of us for 2017. New energy, may be, but as it seems to be we are still riding on the coat tails of the year that was. I feel this energy is a long running energy over an era  rather than a year or two. More drama is to come we are in for a bumpy ride, so buckle up. This is a whole range of things , not just the economy world wide.

The first half or the year already sees the US Presidency set back with a few hiccups. Obama gets his last word in too, lol. That's Leo for you, loves the spot light.

Standing Rock back in the spotlight as is Waco, Texas.

Mexican drug cartel issue a statement regarding the US.

Spy plains in the UK?

On a  positive note there are medical break throughs this year for many.

Riots in Japan over economy.
Bangladesh, more flooding is possible.

For Australia, I see a woman with very dark short hair returning to the political spotlight. I do not like the energy from her. She does more harm than good.

For some reason the late Malcolm Fraser's  (former Prime Minister) name keeps popping into my mind for the Australian media.

Malcolm Turnbull is facing a leadership challenge. I do not see him being Prime Minister by  winter 2017 or 2018 at the most. He will be replaced by a younger man with an oval face and light hair.

More protests and rioting in Melbourne over the Muslim /refugee immigration issue.

Blessings to everyone


Copyright Alex Fulford 2 January 2017

Two things so far have come up, Standing Rock back in the news.
The dark haired woman in Australian female Politician back in the spot light is Pru Goward.

Second prediction was Standing Rock to come up. However we all knew this was not going to end.

Medical break through.

Protests in Melbourne are on going in 2017 already

Homeless protests in Melbourne

On Australian predictions I also said Manus Island will be back in the spotlight along with the Australian Navy, however these do not have to be linked. The Navy has already cam up with minor news articles. Nothing significant yet.
 This is absolutely horrible, it makes me so disgusted with the human race. We are not evolving, we are devolving and especially spiritually. Believe me the spiritual devolvement is a very serious issue with far reaching consequences for those that engage in evil.

Floods in Bangladesh!
Bangladesh floods, I wish I was wrong about this one. 😭