Sunday, 31 August 2014

RSPCA (Australian ad) 1988

I just love this song, being an animal lover, I just had to share the Australian RSPCA  ad with the tune. I just love the Wombat at the end. I did not know that the original song had an class system content, how very unChristian is that. Our home is not far off being an animal sanctuary. We have 4 lovely cats a dog a new Canary (hope to find him a girl friend soon too) a guinea pig and 6 chooks.
We feed all the wild birds, and Tolstoy my Norwegian Forrest cat has made friends with an elderly Magpie. He lets Mr Magpie share his food. They just sit on the back porch and enjoy each others company. We feel so blessed to have all these lovely fur and feather babies in our lives and a lovely garden to share with them.