Sunday, 30 March 2014


This year the popular media tells us we will be celebrating 100 years since the outbreak of W W 1,
but how can any war be celebrated? and how should we as spiritualists view war , many people know that this event is already being sanitized and cleaned up by the spin doctors for public consumption, there will be much talk of honour and glory but thousands of men in both World wars did not see any of this and refused to claim their medals in disgust.

The last W.W. 1 British soldier to die was Harry Patch who died only last year, Harry an expert marksman said we would shoot the German soldiers in the legs so after the war they could go home to their families.

But governments are now very busy to get W W 3 underway with an attack on Iran, Russia and China have said they will not sit idly by for any unprovoked attacks, so the biblical Armageddon may be very near.

Some battle names are engraved in our collective subconscious for their savageness and barbarity, Ypres, Verdun, Mons, Somme, Churchill's biggest blunder the Dardanelles and the 8 battles of Isonzo, one soldier wrote in his dairy;

"our leaders throw thousands of men into their machine guns, then the Germans throw thousands of men at our machine guns, and these were glowing red hot at the end of the day," and as was quoted in the comedy series Blackadder, Gen. Haig wanted to move his cocktail cabinet 3 feet closer to the enemy HQ.

War is a failure of political dialogue they say every family in the land lost at least one person in W W 1 and what was achieved in either world war ? nothing but destruction and bloodshed Wikipedia tells us there were 37 million casualties, only the paymasters the faceless bankers win in any war and Germany was told by the bankers it had to pay them reparations for 92 years, Britain had not paid off what it borrowed when W W 2 came and we were paying back the interest on the interest for the bankers loans in W W 2 for over 60 years, and the final payment was made on June 6th 2006, giving the biblical numbers 6-6-6.

W W 1 broke out on July 28 known in Astrology as the day of the height of the sun, the word "Soldier" means Sol=Sun

and Dier= sacrifice, so a soldier is just a sacrifice for the sun god, on its own day.

The 10 commandments say "thou shalt not kill"

that cannot be any plainer, and if you kill someone you can get life in prison, except when some politician says that’s ok you can go and kill these people and you will not be punished but in fact rewarded for the crime, there is a branch of evil spirit called Haemphagists or blood eaters and they feast on battlefields foxhunts and butchers shops, these spirits are said to be behind the madness of many military men, because any sane person would baulk at the thought of telling men to march across a field onto machine guns, what is interesting is that wherever these spirits become visible to the naked eye there are reports of angel like creatures being seen alongside such as with the Angels of Mons, the newspapers at the time claimed this story was invented by Arthur Machen, but i spoke to soldiers who actually saw angels in the clouds among all the bloodshed, a German O A P also wrote several letters to me claiming the Germans saw them too and felt they wanted the fighting stopped..
Thanks to the internet the supression of real facts has been exposed and we can see through the official lies,

and we know that Tony Blair’s 45 minutes for missiles to reach the UK was a total fabrication, a tissue of lies, and expert historians tell us the two world wars were also built on the same basis of lies manipulation and subterfuge.

The world’s greatest author William Shakespeare said "even the devil crossed himself when he gave man politics"

and the politicians always frighten the people by saying the bogey man is coming to get you, Saddham Hussein Abdul Nasser Napoleon Adolf Hitler Gaddafi and Bin Laden, just fake bogey men and these are governments wars not ours,

which is why the British and German soldiers declared peace in the trenches for Christmas in 1914, and all met in the middle and drunk and sang hymns together, some British soldiers watched as Germans buried their dead and they saw small wooden crosses with the words written, died for country and freedom, the British were perplexed as that was what they were also told they were fighting for, you can imagine how the Top brass reacted when their nice war was interrupted by peace.

And how things change the people being seen more and more now as heroes, are those who said NO, the conscientious objectors

known as Conchies are now the heroes, John Lennon said "What if they threw a war and nobody came ? "and this has been happening with many British soldiers refusing to fight in illegal wars in the Middle east, one SAS man said beautifully he would not fight to implement USA foreign policies, Ben Griffin of Veterans for peace UK has said "refusing to kill is not a crime "

Gandhi the great Indian leader who wanted to keep India out of Britain's wars spoke of Ahimsa, or non violence to any living creature being gods highest command, Churchill was mad with rage and was allegedly behind Gandhi’s murder.

Such statistics as that from Stop War say the Americans killed more British soldiers than the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan, brings spiritually aware people to say what are we doing in someone else’s country ?

So spiritualists are just one group asking questions about whether wars solve anything at all, in W W 2 one of the advisors to Churchill devout Spiritualist Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowding who is credited with winning the Battle of Britain which was not difficult as British and US planes outnumbered the German planes more than twelve to one, would not go along with civilian bombing and strafing refugee columns so was airbrushed out, and regretted the massive loss of life all round.

Spiritualists believe in personal accountability for what you do and no one can harm another and walk away, at some point

Spiritually an atonement must be made, and for this reason we must walk away from another government war.

I would welcome your views.
T Stokes